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We write amazing pedigrees.

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Better Pedigrees = Better Horses

When you have more concise information that's easier to read, you'll have a better experience and more success.
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Our Mission

In horse racing and breeding, information is paramount.

Our mission is simple: To have the most accurate and easiest to read pedigrees in the industry.

3 Step Process

We Mix the Old School with the New School

We are a 3rd generation business. We have a not so secret formula for staying around for 3 generations.

  1. Work our butt off doing what works.
  2. Try new things out.
  3. Figure out what works, and repeat.

More Black Type

In this industry, black type is extremely important. We strive to put better information on a page to make your horses not only look better, but so they can sell for more.

We have countless examples of our pedigrees having more black type than our competitors. There's a reason why consigners call us at sales we don't do and ask us to write up pedigrees because they like our pages more.

Core Values

We've been in business for close to 50 years, we've learned a few things along the way. Some of what we've learned, we've embodied as a company and they're our core beliefs. We believe that if you work hard, stick to what works and listen to your customers, you'll have a successful business. We believe that your word is gold, we look at everything we produce and if we aren't proud enough to say that we made it then we redo it until we are. We believe that you're only as good as your last at bat. If your last experience with us was a bad experience, then you won't want to come back. That's why we try to outdo ourselves each day to make sure people are wowed by us. Good news, we do this every day.

Reasons why You’ll love our Products

More Blacktype

Almost every pedigree has more black type per page. For one simple reason. We care and read over each and every pedigree.

PDF Included

No matter what product you order from us, we'll include a PDF of your horse so you can always print it if you need some more for whatever reason.

Global Support

We follow SITA rules on each pedigree. This gives you the confidence that your pedigrees will be easy to read no matter where your clients are located.

100% Success Rate

If you aren't happy with our pedigree, we'll take care of it. You have unlimited correction requests on your pedigrees. This way, you can be confident you have what you want to have on a page.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions for what to do next, drop us a line. Like literally any question. Ask us, we'll find out for you.